Friday, October 10, 2008

Homeward Bound

After a day and a half of tanning and boozing, it seems like my jaundice has gone away. Which means it's time for Mommy and Daddy to pack me up and take me home. I was eavesdropping on Daddy, and it seems like he had trouble taking apart my car seat from the car, and he had to call Uncle Shannon to teach him how to simply press in a lever. Yep. That was it. Let me keep that in my memory bank. He'll regret having said that out loud.

They have a cool car, by the way. A Toyota Prius. It's nice and quiet, and it still has the new car smell. And it was a smooth ride. Mommy and Daddy took their time coming home, up and down hills, with a U-turn for safe keeping.

And we came home. Gram came too, which was great. Let's make this a party, I say. Someone put some Coors Light into my bottle.

Also, I learned that when Daddy bends over, his pants fall down. Hilarious. Again, another thing to torment him with later. But he did do a great job decorating the hallway to our front door.

Then we walked into our apartment, and I was impressed. Mommy has great design sense. They took me into every room, and they called it mine. My bathroom. My kitchen. My dining room. My couch. My glider. And my bedroom, which is a nice mixture of beige, white and silver sage. Like I said, Mom's got mad design skillzzzzzzz.

Tonight, I slept in my bassinet, right beside Mom and Dad in their own bed.

I can get used to this.


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