Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Lack of Separation Anxiety

Today was the first day that I spent away from Daddy. He had to go to this thing they call "work", where he goes to earn "money" that will be used to buy me "things" - like dolls, diapers, formula and clothes that say stuff like "New York Giants Super Bowl XLII Champions" or "Super Bowl XLII Champions - New York Giants". I gotta say that I missed the big lug.

That doesn't mean that I didn't have any fun. Mommy and Gram (and then Aunt Pua) picked up the pace of talking to me in funny voices and making funny faces at me. It felt good, being the only guy in the place, my very own kingdom. And like any good servants to the king, they both cleaned me after I pooed - and did it even more gently.

Speaking of my poo, I gotta say that I've completely picked up my game from that sticky black goo into something resembling a dijon mustard. It's a first step, I know, but I feel that I can bring it harder. Just give me time. I can get there. I know I have it in me.


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