Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Very Big Day

So I've had the honor and pleasure to meet and be loved by my West Coast Grandparents.

Today, it was my New York grandparents time to come in and spoil me.

Problem is that Granny and Grandpa's United Airlines flight out of Newark was canceled. My Daddy refuses to fly United because of the crap they usually pull. Still, my New York grandparents were resilient enough to hitch onto a Continental flight. They landed two hours later than they would have, but that's okay. They got here.

And they made up the time with kisses and hugs.

During the remainder of the day, they couldn't take their eyes off me. I couldn't tell if they were grandparents or surveillance cameras. They never let my back hit solid ground because they wouldn't let me out of their arms. They made strange noises to me. And I think I caught a happiness tear in Granny's eye once or twice. They brought me gifts. They fed me. And every time I cried, they were there, comforting me.

Gotta say, they took fawning to a new level, and I loved it.

If only everyone can be loved like that.

There's no East Coast/West Coast War between grandparents. There's no Biggie and Tupac thing going on. I've learned that no matter where grandparents come from, they're both equally awesome.

Hot damn, I'm a lucky kid.

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