Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Mommy and Daddy drove me all the way up to Petaluma to go shopping for something called a Christmas tree. Seems that there's this big holiday coming up, and one of the prerequisites for celebrating it is that you put some large shrubbery in your living room. So that's what we were doing up there. Searching for large shrubbery.

They had a great many trees on this lot, all of different sizes and shapes. Mommy worked with Grampa and Gram and Auntie Vanessa and Petra to find just the right tree for our living room. Of course, I was given the right of final approval, and we found one that was nicely full and symmetrical (a word I learned today).

Then it was up to Daddy to saw it down. Slowly. Eventually. Unevenly. But I was able to learn what it is to be a real man of the earth, as I looked past Daddy and watched two guys use a chainsaw to chop down their own tree. Daddy, embrace modern technology. It's yours for the taking.

Anyways, we couldn't fit it on the Prius because, you know, it's a Prius. So Petra took it to her place for Daddy to pick up tomorrow.

But I have an idea about how Mommy's gonna decorate it.

And if it has lights on it, it'll be the best big shrubbery ever.

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