Sunday, November 02, 2008


Daddy had to leave for another business trip (at least these are quick ones), but Granny and Grandpa had to leave too. That sucks. I liked having them around. All they do is hold me, stare at me and make me feel even more special than everyone tells me that I am (if that is even possible).

Bye Granny and Grandpa. I heard you'll be back soon. Make it fast.

I'm also learning that I also serve the role as a gift to people - even when I don't have to do a thing. Auntie Pua came over for her birthday. Mommy went out and got her some gifts from Williams-Sonoma that she could use. But the best gift Mommy could give her is to hand me over to her.

So Auntie Pua really wanted was to hold me, burp me, change me and feed me bottles.

This was a prize to her. Me. I was a prize.

Anyone else think that's, you know, weird? Because if you do, don't tell me. You'll spoil everything else for me.

This life thing don't suck.

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