Saturday, December 13, 2008

Buddha's Birthday

Seems like everyone has their birthday in December. The reason we flew down was to help Buddha celebrate her fifth birthday. All her friends where there, and Katie too, and they had so much fun.

I, however, just sat there, taking it all in.

You see, I was too small to participate. I can’t eat pizza. I can’t put frosting on my cookies. I can’t sing “Happy Birthday to You”. I can’t open gifts. And I can’t compete in a dance-off.

But that’s okay. I was taking mental notes.

Eating Pizza – When I get a chance, I think I’ll eat pizza New York style, just like my Daddy. That means folding it in half and sticking as much of it in and letting the grease singe the roof of your mouth.

Frosting on my Cookies – Everyone else tried to make Christmas trees or snowmen with their frosting. But when I get a chance, I’m just gonna slather the cookie with as much frosting as possible. It looks delicious.

Singing Happy Birthday – I’m gonna sing it louder and more off-key than anyone else. I learned that from my Mommy.

Opening gifts – I’m gonna do this slowly, just to build up the suspense. Call me a tease. I don’t care. And it’ll make the gift opening ceremony last a little bit longer.

And the Dance-Off – I saw a bunch of kids jumping up and down and getting their groove on. That’s gonna be hard for me to compete with. That’s why I’ll have to use props, like a table or a lampshade. If you can’t beat them with rhythm, beat them with comedy.

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