Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pressure Cooker

Mommy got a recipe for Aunt Celeste's lobster bisque. Although I've only been around for a little over two months, even I have heard about the extra deliciousness of that dish. Seriously, you have to hear Daddy talk wistfully about it. It's a meal he eats every Christmas Eve.

But this year is his first away from New York. And learning the recipe is where Mommy's generosity and selflessness comes in. Which means that Mommy had a daunting task in front of her.

I was with her when she got all the ingredients. I was with her when she double checked them with Aunt Celeste. I was with her when she worried about whether or not it would come close to the original.

And I watched her make it in Gram's kitchen.

Daddy had three bowls. So did Grampa. Gram doesn't like seafood, but she loved this bisque. And Mommy had a bowlful.

Unfortunately, I'm too young to taste bisque. My body can't digest anything other than breast milk or formula.

But I will say that my dinner had a different flavor to it today, and I wanted more.

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