Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rain Woman

When it rains, Mommy and Daddy put a clear plastic cover over my stroller. I don’t mind that. My vision isn’t that great anyway. Still, I’m not a fan of the rain.

Anyway, it isn’t raining here, but it is in Santa Cruz. Bad rain. So Gram and Grampa decided to end their trip early and drive on back. Which meant that I got a chance to spend an entire day with Gram while Mommy went out and did some chores.

And by chores, I meant yoga class.

Oh, the fun we had. She sang to me and burped me and she smiled at me and I smiled back.

But here’s something I wanted to talk about: Auntie Pua was holding me when Mommy was getting ready for their yoga class. Now, my Auntie Pua will do anything for me. She loved me so much. But I did find a boundary. When I projectile barfed all over her, she held me away from her like I was a skunk. I know she loves me and doesn’t think of me that way, but I got her good. Real good. Then I barfed all over Mommy – on her shirt, on her boobies, everywhere. I was real good with my aim.

Unfortunately, they had to leave right then and there to head to yoga class, so you know who cleaned me?


I love her.

Thank you, rain. I think I’m changing my mind about you.

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