Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Best

With all the traveling Daddy's been doing for work, and with Mommy and me going to San Diego and then to Marin and having different parties and obligations, well, our family unit just hasn't had any time to, you know, just be a family unit.

That's what made today so special.

We began the day with Daddy taking pictures of me while Mommy played with my legs. Then, Daddy held me and we had a staring contest (I won). Then I pooped, and it was fun to clean because I trust them. Then Mommy fed me. And then I sat in my swing seat and watched Mommy and Daddy clean the house. Then Daddy and I watched some football. And then Mommy read to me. And then I slept while they ate.

We just haven't had many days like this, where we really accomplished nothing but accomplished everything.


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