Thursday, January 08, 2009

All Nighter

I'm getting used to this crib thing and also with this whole new sleeping arrangement. It's not bad. Different, yes, but not worse. And I kinda like having my own bedroom.

Last night, I closed my eyes and fell asleep. And I missed my halftime rocking. I just forgot about it. I meant to wake up, but just slipped my mind.

Okay, I'll own up. I chose not to wake up. I was having the most amazing dream. There I was, using my two legs to walk around just like Mommy and Daddy do, and suddenly, wherever I looked, there were big boobies. And milk was flowing from them like a waterfall. So wherever I wanted to go, I could be fed.

And suddenly, Sophie the Giraffe came by. She winked at me. I jumped on. And with each step we took, we made that squeaky noise. And it was loud. Really loud. It echoed through the mountains of boob around me.

But from high above the world, sitting on Sophie's back, I was able to find what I've always been looking for. Yes, you guessed it: The Yellow Pacifier. It was gleaming and brightening the entire landscape, as if it were brand new.

Sophie gently lowered her neck and I slid down. I walked over to the Yellow Pacifier and nodded to it, not saying anything because old friends have a silent language all their own. And with that, I put the entire thing in my mouth.

When I finally woke up, seven and a half hours later, Mommy and Daddy were both beaming with pride. And they put the blue pacifier, the one I call "The Scab", into my mouth.

And when I closed my eyes again, the Yellow Pacifier was gone. As if it were never there. My heart sank.

But then Mommy put her boob in my mouth, so it's okay. I can deal.

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