Sunday, January 18, 2009


After a tearful goodbye at the airport, Mommy, Daddy and I boarded another plane to head back home to San Francisco. Again, we flew on Jet Blue, so Daddy was able to watch playoff football while Mommy watched a concert.

I had some disagreements when we took off. Leaving such a loving family is a hard thing to do. But once I realized that I had another loving side of the family waiting for me on the other end, I became happy again. And, as we racked up the miles in the air, my parents passed me back and forth, talking to me and playing with me.

It was fun. This time, I decided to let Ohio off the hook and instead unloaded on Michigan.

But since we were leaving Daddy's family, I realized he was a little more solemn than usual. So I concentrated my efforts on him and tried to cheer him up.

So I said, "Ggkgkgkshhhhh!".

He smiled, looked at me, and replied, "Ggkgkgkshhhhh!"

I smiled back and replied "Ggkgkgkshhhhh!"

And again, he replied "Ggkgkgkshhhhh!"

And on and on we went. He loved it. So did Mommy. So did I. It helped us pass the time. And suddenly, instead of looking back, he was looking forward at another little tradition we have between us.

He was smiling because we were having a conversation. Mommy was smiling because she loved seeing her two boys bond even tighter. And I was smiling because I knew what "Ggkgkgkshhhhh!" really meant.

I'll tell him when I've got my own place.

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