Sunday, January 11, 2009

Much Loved

Today, I spent an entire day with Uncle Mike and Aunt Sue (which was great) but, more importantly, with my first cousins Nicky and Ava Rose. Of course, I've met them before, but that was when they crawled into my computer box and talked to me from in there.

This time, they were here, in the flesh.

Ava Rose only wanted to hold me. When I was cold, she warmed me up by covering me with paper. When I wanted to go to sleep, she gently rubbed the top of my head. When I woke up, she was the first one to kiss my cheek. And when I just wanted to be entertained, she sweetly sang the alphabet song to me.

She's just two years older than me. I'm lucky.

And Nicky's my only first cousin who's a boy. He's six years older than me, so he's got a lot of knowledge he can't wait to share with me. Today, he told me all about cars - all the different parts, how it works and the different brands. I take it that he's a real big car nut. And he sang songs to me, even making up songs about me and he made me laugh. I liked it when he held me. And he was Daddy's First Assistant when he had to change my diaper.

There wasn't a moment I wasn't left alone. And there wasn't a moment that I minded it.

I can't wait for all the future moments.

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