Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Mobile

Mommy put a new mobile up. The last one we had broke under suspicious circumstances that is still under investigation.

This one, however, rocks.

First off, it plays Beethoven, Mozart and something else. I think Metallica. And it's got four different multicolored animals, and some beads that rise and fall when it makes a full rotation. I think it's the most mesmerizing thing on the planet. I love it with everything I have.

Today, Daddy tried talking to me while I was being entertained by the mobile, and when he didn't get my hint to leave me alone through complete ignorance, I shot him a look that said, "Dude, seriously, you're gonna take my attention away from the most fascinating thing in the world so I can amuse you? Really? You think that's smart, huh? Yeah? Well, no."

So he went off on his business. And I returned to my mobile and kicked my legs and swung my arms and laughed and giggled with joy.

Great joy.

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