Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Naked Goodness

Have I mentioned how much I love to take a bath?

It's warm. Really warm.

I get to pee on myself (and sometimes Mommy and Daddy) without staining anything.

I smell really nice right afterwards.

I get to spend happy time with my rubber duckie.

And when they take me out, Mommy and Daddy wrap me in this really warm blanket and smother me with love, kisses and goodness. That might be my favorite part.

Then they'll take me back to my changing table and give me a full body massage, all the way to each individual finger and toe.

I don't even care about them putting my diaper on and getting me into my jammies. I'm already in heaven. That's just the wrapping.

My only request? More bubbles in the bath. But that's on me. I just have to eat more right beforehand.

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