Thursday, January 15, 2009


Each morning here in New York, I wake Mommy and Daddy up in their room. They feed me, change my diaper, talk to me for a brief moment and then take me downstairs, where my Grandma is waiting for me.

And when she sees me, her face lights up and she says, "Here comes my sunshine!"

When I get handed over to her, she lifts me up and is beaming with joy. She sings to me, makes baby talk to me, plays with me and hugs me. I can't help but smile. Grandparents really give you a special kind of love.

Then, at some point during the day, Grandma changes me, burps me, feeds me and consoles me. Whatever I need, she gives me, and always with that huge smile on my face.

That's why I think she's got it only half right.

Because, like I said before, when she sees me, and her face lights up and she says, "Here comes my sunshine!", I hope she knows that I'm thinking the same exact thing about her.

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