Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hanging with Braiden

Daddy, Mommy and Grandpa drove me out to Long Island for the very first time today. I don't know why I'm announcing it as a badge of honor or achievement, but whatevs. The main story is that I got to meet my cousin Braiden, who is eleven months old.

We had a really great staring contest.

But here's the great part of the day: We got to watch an old video of Daddy, Uncle Mike, Aunt Danielle and Tracy making believe they were a rock band from the 80s. It was goofy but endearing.

I guess that's what you do when you're like ten years old.

And it made me do some thinking: Braiden, we don't have to decide anything right now, but to be honest, I think I'm a frontman. How does lead guitar sound for you?

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