Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Apple Sauce

One of the new adult foods I’ve been eating is apple sauce. Mommy makes it herself. And it’s my new thing.

I love it.

I like how sweet it is and how it’s not a solid but it’s not a liquid. It’s somewhere in between. And I like how it feels on my gums. And I like how when I’m done with my bowl, I want more and Mommy gives me some.

And I like how proud Mommy and Daddy are with how much I’ve eaten.

I dream about it too. I dream that everything I put in my mouth tastes like apple sauce. I dream that Mommy’s boobie feeds me apple sauce too. That’s how my imagination works. I’ve got a one-track mind like that.

Apple Sauce Apple Sauce Apple Sauce Apple Sauce Apple Sauce Apple Sauce.

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