Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cheer Up, Grandpa

Things are differnt here in New York. Grandpa is so sad. He's trying his best to be a great Grandpa for me, and he's doing a great job of it, but he's struggling.

I need to make things easier for him.

Okay, Grandpa, I've got an idea.

I'm gonna make a fuss. Look at me, everyone! I'm crying! Waaaaa! I just ate, that can't be it! Waaaa! I don't have gas! Waaaaa! I just woke up so I'm not tired.




Daddy, you can't make me stop crying.

Mommy, you can't make me stop crying.

Grandpa, it's your turn. Put me on your shoulder. Yeah, that's it. Great. Pat your free hand on my back. Yes, you got it. Just like that. Great.

Now hear anything? No? That's because I stopped crying.

And feel that slight little tug on your shoulder? Well, that's me, hugging you back.

I'm here for you, Grandpa. Cheer up.

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