Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dream House

On Sundays, we all go house shopping to find the place we’re gonna eventually live in. Most of the houses we see are uninspiring. I just can’t see myself destroying a wall or torturing our future dog in these places.

But then, we came upon a beauty.

It had an upstairs and a downstairs with plenty of sunlight. My room upstairs would be huge. There’s a great spot for me to get all my toys, and plenty of space for me to leave them behind. And the backyard had grass and also a pool.

As Daddy held me during the tour, I kicked my arms and legs repeatedly, just to let them know that this is it. This is the one that I want.

And, by looking at Mommy’s exuberant face, I’d bet that if Daddy were holding her too, she’d be kicking the same way.

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