Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Hives

Last night was not a fun night. I woke up every couple of hours or so screaming in terrible pain. Mommy and Daddy picked me up to console me, but there was nothing they could do. I just tensed up and pushed them away, not because I didn't love them but because I was in agony.

This morning, when they were changing my diaper, they realized that I had red spots up and down my body.

The problem is that today is Sunday, which is the only day of the week when my doctor is not in. So they found a children's clinic to take me, and the female doctor who checked me out was young and cute.

So, of course, I had to turn it on.

There were no more tears. I put on my million dollar smile. I showed her how I could sit up by myself. And I acted like nothing was wrong, even though I was not happy internally.

I think she appreciated the effort.

Anyways, the doctor told Mommy and Daddy that I had a case of the hives that was brought on by some sort of virus and that it was gonna leave my body within five to seven days.

And then, catch this, she told my parents that the reason I was in agony was because I didn't know how to scratch myself.

Well, duh.

You would think that someone would tell me, but NOOOOO. Obviously, sharing information like that would only make my life easier. There's no reason I should know any of that. Let's keep things on a need to know basis, but only after the fact.

Okay, so if I have an itch, scratch it.

Got it.

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