Friday, March 13, 2009

Razor Sharp

I just learned recently that there’s these razor sharp white bones called teeth that are slowly making their way to freedom. And their only path is through my gums.
Slowly and painfully, here they come.

It’s worst at night, when all I’m doing is sleeping. During the day, I’m entertained by Mommy and Daddy and my jumper and my Exersaucer, so I just don’t think about it. But at night, all I’m doing is dreaming about hitching a ride on my mobile, and the pain is all I feel.

So Mommy gives me some Tylenol and some organic teething drops and, to be honest, it does the trick. She’s good like that. She has a knack for making me feel better.

You know, until next time.

All I gotta say is that solid food better be worth it. And I’ve heard good things about chocolate.

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