Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Routine

Daddy works hard for our money. He gets into the office as early as he can and comes home as early as he can too, except his early is late for the rest of the working world. And because of that, I don't get the chance to spend as much time with him during the week as both of us would like. It's not fair, but as I'm learning each day, that's life.

So, although there's nothing I can do to make him come home earlier, there is something I can do to make what little time we do spend together more meaningful. So I do my best to stay up (within reason), and when Daddy comes home, that when we begin our routine.

It begins with Daddy giving me a bath. I do need to get cleaned every night, yes, but getting wet also serves another purpose: it wakes me up a bit.

Then after the bath, he gets me ready for bed by changing my diaper and putting me in my pajamas. Maybe he'll give me a little massage beforehand if it's not too late.

Then, he'll sit in the glider, cradle me in his arm, and feed me my bottle until I fall asleep about four ounces into it.

And then, he'll gently place me onto the crib, kiss my head (he does this every night and doesn't know I know but I know), shuts the light and closes the door.

That's how we do.

Me and my daddy.

That's our thing.

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