Monday, April 06, 2009


Mommy and Daddy decided to switch things up a bit. Mommy's friend Erin (and my friend Rose) went on a vacation to Maine for a week, so we're housesitting for them. We're still in San Francisco, but in a completely different hood. Their house is four times the size of our apartment.

And, with Grandpa coming in from New York this week, he'll have his own room to stay.

This has been fun. I'm staying in Rose's crib, and she's got this fancy baby monitor that also has a camera in it. I'm not really digging that because I don't want Mommy and Daddy spying me during my private time, but that's okay. We're guests here.

And there's a long winding hallway which makes a walk a little more exciting and a nice sun roof with a great view of the city and a nice park nearby. There's some good stuff here.

And Rose has a bunch of toys for me to play with. I have toys, but here, there's so many new toys that I haven't played with. So it's like I'm at Toys R Us, trying everything out and seeing which ones work for me.

Like this piano one.



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