Monday, May 18, 2009

Ergo, Therefore I Am

Just when I got used to the Baby Bjorn, and just when I fell totally in love with the Baby Backpack, Mommy unleashed a new carrier on me. It's called the Ergo, and Mommy loves it.

I'm getting used to it.

Here's my review.


1. I hang lower, so it's easier on Mommy and Daddy's back.
2. I get to look right at Mommy's boobies.
3. I have a little personal space and I can look right and left.


1. My bum might get peed on by Daddy if he's not careful.
2. Not digging the maroon color. Maroon doesn't have an edge.
3. I can't look out at what Daddy's about to walk into.

Still, when you weigh them out, the positives are a lot more positive than the negatives are negative. So hello, Ergo. Nice to meet you.

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