Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today is Mommy's day, 24 straight hours where we celebrate all things Mom. I, for one, have a great Mommy, but you all knew that.

But with this being Mommy's Day, it all falls on Daddy to make it work. And he did a good job. Sorta.

He made her a nice breakfast and even fed me some avocados in the morning. Check.

He played with me while she went to the gym. Check.

He planned a nice day at the Art Store where the three of us can make art. Mommy loves stuff like this. Check.

He didn't bring a bottle with him. Demerit.

He got Mommy's lunch order wrong. Demerit.

He couldn't get me to stop crying. Demerit.

He took an extra half hour to finish his "masterpiece". Demerit.

But then, at night, he went home and cooked a fabulous dinner and fed me my bottle. Check and check.

The reason I'm telling you all this is that, even though Daddy had as many demerits as he did checks, Mommy knew he was trying. And she knew his gift to her was to spend an entire day together. And those things meant more to her than anything else. That's what makes her an amazing Mommy.

Love you, Mom.

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