Saturday, May 16, 2009


Mommy took me to Oysterfest while Daddy went to the Mets-Giants game with Grandpa. It was in Fort Mason and it was hot. Real hot. Like strip down to my onesie hot. Holla!

And the nice thing about it was I was able to scope out the ladies. Sure, they were cheesy, but since it was hot out, they wore less than normal, and me likey likey.

But of all the chicks that were there, my attention was only for Petra. My cousin and I played and laughed and clapped together under the hot sun. We were the only two people in our world, and nothing else mattered. Sure, there was music playing and people partying, but we were just laying down on our play mat and having a blast together.

That's the way things are always gonna be.

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