Saturday, May 30, 2009

Petra's Party

Today was a small birthday party for Petra at the Aquarium. I've been here plenty of times before, but I learned two things:

1. The fish have a different look when you're looking at them from Grampa's shoulders.

2. They have this place called the Kidz Zone. I think it's spelled Kidz with a "z" because, well, who knows why. Anyway, us kidz (me and Petra) had a blast. We crawled around this little play area, chasing each other and exploring new places. We even did some climbing. We tore that place up, yo. Not one inch of that Zone didn't have either one of our fingerprints.

One old standby, but two new features. It's like Petra gave me two gifts on her birthday.

What a peach.

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