Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Staten Island Zoo

Today, Grandpa, Daddy and I went to go visit Grandma. Daddy glued a photo of me, Nicky and Ava Rose on a stick and put it right by her so she can always see us. She's got a nice view of a park with a lake and also the Staten Island Zoo, which is where we went right afterwards.

It's a small but nice zoo. I saw some reptiles and some birds, but I really loved the shark tank. They swam right up to me and I waved.

I also liked the emu because I heard Daddy say, "Emu" and I thought it sounded funny. I also waved at them.

They also had a Clydesdale horse. I thought it was smug and arrogant because it didn't give me the time of day. I didn't wave to it.

The point is that I had a great time with a lot of arms flapping and legs kicking. And I know that each time I go visit Grandma, I can also go to the Zoo.

So it's like she's still making me happy.

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