Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Time Zones

It seems like there are these things called time zones. New York is in one of them. San Francisco is in another. So 4 PM in New York isn't 4 PM in San Francisco. It's actually 1 PM.

Makes no sense to me, to be honest.

But it makes sense to Mommy and Daddy. So when we leave on Friday at 4 AM in San Francisco, that's actually 7 AM in New York. But it seems early to us because it's 4 AM. And when we leave New York at 4 AM, it's actually 1 AM in San Francisco. So they thought 4 AM was early, then this is a bombshell.

So their bodies are confused as it is.

But look at me. I have no idea what's going on, but suddenly, I'm not getting my full sleep at night. And now my naps are confused because I have to catch up somehow. And now I have no idea what time I fall asleep later. And then I might confuse the sleep with a nap and want to play when Mommy and Daddy are asleep.

This isn't theoretical (I know that word). This actually happened.

So now I know what time zones are.

They suck.

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