Saturday, June 13, 2009

Advanced Bathing

Mommy and Daddy usually give me a bath in the kitchen sink. I sit in the basin, and they fill it up with water, and they give me a rubber duckie and I get all clean. It works for all of us, even though pulling on the faucet seems really appetizing (even though I'm not allowed to).

But I've gotten too big, which means I've become a big boy. And big boys bathe in the bathtub. Ba-Bam!

What does this entail? Well, they fill up a tub with water and bubbles. I sit down on some sort of mat. They give me a rubber duckie. So it's like the kitchen sink, except I can now move freely around. If I want to face Mommy and Daddy, I can. If I want to face the soapdish, well that's my prerogative. It's all about how I want to roll.

If I want to pee in the tub, I can. And nobody will know.

And I have.


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