Friday, June 05, 2009

A Farewell to a Friend

My good friend Beckett is moving from San Francisco to Grandpa's hometown of New York. So although I will see him again, I won't have the chance to see him whenever I want. And that makes me sad. Because he's a year older than me and he's all been there, done that.

So Beckett, until we're both old enough to write letters or type e-mails or have Facebook accounts or to follow each other on Twitter, I'm just gonna have to learn from you whenever I see you, like three times a year or so. Until then, keep everything you're doing in your head and remember to tell me everything, mostly because I look up to you and refer to you for guidance.

Because I'll be listening.

Also, in New York, when you point with your middle finger, it's okay. People there do that all the time.

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