Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flirting with Auntie Pua

The best thing about being my age is that when I do something devious, it's excused that I'm not doing anything devious because I'm so innocent. And I gotta say, I know how that works and I use it to my advantage.

Case in point: Auntie Pua. She's my Aunt, but not really my aunt. So it's fair game.

Tonight, she came over our house wearing a dress. Now, considering that I kinda have a thing for my Auntie Pua, I wanted to impress her. So I was showing her how I can use the table to hold me up as I walk around it. And I did it. Actually, I strutted around just to show off a little more. Anyways, I got to her feet and fell to the ground. And when I got up, my head was looking up her dress.

Accidental? Innocent? Lucky?

Hey, I'm just a child.


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