Thursday, June 11, 2009

A New Trick

I'm really getting used to my new crawling method. I'm breaking the speed limit whenever I get a head start. And I'm learning to make noises.

See, I used to sound like Mommy and Daddy's Prius, which means I was silent when I crawled. But that's no fun. And since the "rummmmmmrummmm" sound that other people's car makes is kinda advanced for me, I've decided to perfect something new: the crawl and fart.

Sure, you might snicker at the sound. I get that. And that smile might turn into a frown when the sound becomes a smell. I get that too. But if you think you can keep up with me now, wait until that that turbo boost I get from the propulsion of gas coming out of my booty.

You'll be left in my dust. Or digested yogurt extract.

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