Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Next Time, Ry

I had the opportunity tonight to hang out with my friend Ryan while Mommy and Daddy visited his parents. I haven't spent much time with him, and I really cherished the chance to get to know him.

So I was excited. I had plans of crawling around with him and maybe both of us using his cofee table as a drum set. This was gonna be good.

Mommy drove by Daddy's office to pick him up, but truth be told, it was getting kinda late. I'm usually getting ready for bed by seven, and it was 6:45. Then it took forever to drive from one side of San Francisco to the other. And then it took awhile to find parking. And by the time I was taken out of the car seat and walked to the house and let in, well, I was just 13% awake.

Oh well.

At least I didn't feel as bad, considering that Ryan was just 0% awake.

Next time, dude.

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