Saturday, July 18, 2009


Because Mommy got tired of shutting cabinest doors, she bought me a set of soft blocks for me to play with. They're really cool. They come in different shapes and sizes, and I can stack them up, hold them or put them into my mouth.

Sometimes, I do all three at once.

Also, Daddy gets on the floor with me and plays. He puts one block on top of the other until it rises up so high in the sky. I don't really like when this happens. I take it as a threat to my superiority. So what else can a man do than knock it down. Then I stare at Daddy and, if I could talk, I would say "What?"

Then you know what that silly man does? He builds another. And you know what I do? I knock it down. And he builds another. And again, it goes down. And so we go, on and on.

That's when I realize we're playing a game, and I seem to be winning. In fact, I'm blowing him out.

For I am the baby bulldozer.

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