Friday, July 10, 2009

SLO Swimming

Today we drove down to San Luis Obispo for my cousin Travis and Kristin's wedding. It was a long drive, but I didn't mind. California is so pretty, even to someone like me who doesn't really know what he's looking at.

And San Luis Obispo is a sight to behold. Real nice place.

We checked into our hotel where our entire family was staying. And if that wasn't cool enough, our hotel also had a big pool. And if that wasn't cool enough, everyone brought their bathing suit.

Which meant we all got wet together.

My cousins Dylan and Tanner were there, swimming around, and I took their lead. As you know, I've been training, and although I couldn't keep up, I was in there. Especially when I swam back and forth from Dada and Grampa.

Good times? Nah. Great times.

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