Friday, August 07, 2009

Scary Night

We met up with all my friends tonight in Tiburon. They have a street fair on Main Street, and there are lots of kids and moms and beer stands and food. It's good stuff. And, tonight, my friends Tanner, Reese, Olive and Jack were here too. Even Katie and Buddha made an appearance.

But all of a sudden, I started vomiting. And not just the type that sputters out. I'm talking the one that hits you like water out a fire hose. I did it three times. It sucked. Mommy and Daddy were shaken up. It's a good thing everyone else went through this already. It's just a stage, but it's a stage I want to exit.

Unless I can make money from it. Like as a freak in a circus. Hey, if a monkey can throw poop at people, then I can spray them with vomit.

Actually, this is a bad idea.

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