Friday, September 11, 2009

Daddy Day

With Mommy out on a girl's weekend, Daddy took the day off so we can spend some quality time together. He had it all planned out.

First, we went for a walk up 24th Street in Noe Valley. It was just a nice leisurely walk, and we checked out different hot mamas that passed us by. Okay, Daddy pretended not to look but that doesn't mean I had to be discreet. In fact, there was no debate. I am a single guy. That's how I do.

Then we went to the Discovery Museum in Sausalito. Now that was fun. We played in the sand and the gravel pit and then we took off our shoes and went into the kiddie play area. There was a crazy kid running around, but I stood clear. And there were places for me and Daddy to crawl and hang from and jump around.

Then I slept for about two hours.

Thanks, Daddy.

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