Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Steps

We had a nice day today. Mommy and Daddy and I went to Gram and Grampa's house (even though they're still gone), and they invited Auntie Pua and Jackie and Jackie's mommy and Mommy's friend Mike. They just cooked some food and watch Jackie and I play around. She's just a couple of months older than me, so we can relate. She's so cute.

And she's a walker.

Okay, I've been practicing, but I really haven't had anyone to measure myself against. But here's Jackie going here and there without holding onto anything.

How about me?

All eyes on me!

So I did something that I was planning on doing: putting one foot after the other and walking from place to the next. Okay, I thought I was holding onto Mommy's skirt, but instead I was just holding onto a shirt, and I didn't realize I was walking on my own, but still, there I was and there I went.

And everyone clapped.

I was getting about 4 or 5 steps together, which seemed like enough.

But then Daddy had a stroke of genius and opened up his laptop and walked away from me. Now usually chasing the laptop would be enough for me. But on the screen was a giant picture of Megan Fox.

About twenty steps later, I had my woman.

And a standing ovation.

If they only knew I could have done that anytime.

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