Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back and Forth on 24th

Mommy and Aunt Pua took me for a nice walk today up 24th Street. It's a nice place, with a bunch of kids stores, other strollers, some coffeehouses and the bar where Daddy goes to watch the New York Football Giants kick some tail. We specifically went into Nest to buy me some clothes, into Radio Shack for an ipod hookup (Lil Wyatt needs to listen to Lil Wayne in the Prius), into Bell Market for some food that's on sale (smart Mommy) and then to Toast for lunch. That was the place where this strange woman came over and wanted to touch me because I was soooo cute. Listen lady, I may be a stud, but keep your hands off the merchandise. And just as quickly as she came over, she left.

To be honest, Mommy was just scared of her germs. I was scared of her helmut haircut.

Then, on the way back, Mommy left me with Aunt Pua because she had to run into 24 Hour Fitness. If you listen to her tell her story, it was because she had to do some ab work on the Smith machines. Or maybe it was because she had to put in some stamina training on the bike. Or heck, maybe it was because she had to do some instant core strengthening on the sit up mats.

But I was there. And trust me, if she was doing any sort of spontaneous exercising, it was some very intense squats on top of a porcelain seat.

Daddy came home late. I wish I could have been the one to tell him that, but I was asleep. Oh well. He can read.


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