Monday, October 20, 2008

A Long Night's Day

Well, if they say that you learn something new every day, then that means I've learned 14 new things. And number #14 was a doozy: I guess Mommy and Daddy don't really understand me when I'm up all night, crying and staring into their eyes. I thought they spoke my language, but guess what? I was wrong.

That's okay. They've got some sort of a checklist they go through that gives them hints as to what I need, and when they go through the process of elimination and I'm still crying, well, that's when confusion happens. And there was plenty of confusion deep into the AM.

To them, my crying means that they don't sleep.

Or that I'm being fussy.

Or that this is just part of the parenting process.

Wrong, wrong and wrong.

I wish there were a way for me to tell them that I'm crying because I'm growing, and that it's making me uncomfortable. And that makes them uncomfortable.

I wish it could be easier for all of us.


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