Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Five Things I've Learned

Here's what I learned so far:

1. Those two people who are always in my grill are called Mommy and Daddy. I think they are my hosts in this world. I like them. Mommy is pretty and Daddy is funny and I get the impression they'll do anything in the world for me. I can't wait to take full advantage of that.

2. I like it when Mommy and Daddy hold me close to their bodies because I can hear their heartbeats. And that reminds me of the safe warm place where I spent 38 weeks.

3. I am supposed to suck on that nipple that's pushed into my face. And, if I suck on it long enough, some milk comes out of it. Cool. This happens every three hours.

4. When I poo or pee, someone changed my diaper. They think it's cute now. But just wait and see how long and far I can push this.

5. I live in this amazing city they call San Francisco. From my window, I can make out hills and multicolored houses. Could be lots of fun. I've got uncles and aunts, grandmas and grandpas and family, half of which live on the other coast, in a city called New York. How cool is that? I'm two days old and already bicoastal.


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