Monday, October 06, 2008

Hello, World

After almost 38 weeks of living inside of a womb, here I am.

Everything is weird out here. I can't really focus, but there's a whole lot of shiny lights and loud noises. Someone puts a strange nipple into my mouth that I think I'm supposed to suck on, but who knows? And there's these nurses who are sticking me with needles and putting thermometers under my arms and suction cups into my mouth. I feel like some sort of laboratory experiment.

There are two people who are constantly in my grill that have told me repeatedly that I was worth all of it. Their voices sound familiar, like these echoes I used to hear back in the safe warm place. Anyways, supposedly it was a tough 38 weeks for my carrier, this woman, who went through vomiting, edema, karate kicks to her internal organs, general uncomfortableness, high blood pressure and a full body rash. And when she entered the hospital for my delivery, the labor took three days - and it took a c-section to finally bring me out. Easy it wasn't.

I've been measured, weighed and cleaned. I've been fed, combed and wiped. I'm 25% bigger than any other baby in the nursery and twice as cute. And my balls are very large, thank you very much.

And, although I can't really understand this feeling yet and I know that my total life experience can be counted in minutes, I can easily say that, without a shadow of a doubt, I'm being loved.

This is gonna be a fun ride.


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