Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving, and my 53 days on this planet have given me much to be thankful for. He's my humble little list:

I am thankful for my Mommy and Daddy, who have given up their sleep and independence to cater to my every whim and need.

I am thankful for my grandparents, who are succeeding in their lifelong tasks of spoiling me to no end.

I am thankful for aunts and uncles and cousins who are setting amazing blueprints of what I can become.

I am thankful for the proper genetics that allows my Mommy to have two boobs for me to suck from.

I am thankful for Mylocin and the amazing hallucinations it gives me.

I am thankful for the way my head fits perfectly in my parents arms that allows me to fall asleep.

I am thankful for my poop and pee and the wonderful ways I use them for attack purposes.

I am thankful for my argyle sweater that makes me look so damned hot.

I am thankful for the days when I don't have diaper rash.

And, most importantly, I am thankful for my yellow pacifier. Not my blue or purple one. My yellow one with green handles. Only that one.

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