Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuxedoed Friends

Mommy and Auntie Jenn took me to the new museum in the park where we met Gram, Grampa, Uncle Aaron, Auntie Nessa, Uncle Shannon, Petra and my two cute cousins, Katie and Buddha. There was a long line outside, due to the museum just reopening and with today the day before something called Thanksgiving.

Eventually, we got in.

Every so often, I'd like to throw curveballs at everyone. When Mommy decided to take me here, she figured that walking me around would put me to sleep. That it would calm me and get my mind off pooping or eating. That all the bright lights would take their toll on me.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I dug all the exhibits. Animals are cool. If I were able to read (or have someone read the signs to me), I'd have an idea about their genetic makeups, their histories, their homes and their mating habits. But that's okay. Furry things look cool.

But what blew me away were the penguins. There was one penguin that made sure his family had everything (like Daddy), and he brought supplies back to the Mommy penguin, who was taking care of their children (like me). It was easy to see their teamwork in action. And now, I think I kinda get what the whole dynamic is at home.

And I think that's kinda cool.

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