Friday, November 21, 2008

Hear Me Out

Mommy and Daddy can claim that they know my different cries and what they mean. And, I gotta say, they pretty much nail it about 82% of the time, which isn't bad for two people who don't speak infant. So, for a primer for the rest of you, here's a quick read of what I'm trying to say:

I'm hungry = "Oooooohwahhh, oohwah, oohwaah, ewaaaaaah, hulla, hulla, hulla." (repeat until fed)

I've just soiled myself = "Waah, waah, waah, sniff sniff, waah, waah, sniff." (repeat until naked)

This gas is making me uncomfortable = "Eeeeuhh eeeuhh, waaah, waah waah, sniff, sniff". (repeat until burped)

I'm tired and leave me alone = "ooooommmm, ah, ah, ah, oom oom, waaaaah, waaaah." (repeat until REM)

You'll be tested on all this.

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