Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mommy Overestimates Me

Mommy took me to the corner shop to meet her friend Peter, who's the guy who not only owns the place but also makes Mommy the best iced coffee in the world. He's gonna have a kid of his own pretty soon. Methinks I'll make friends with her too, and we'll be playing together within the mustards, drinks and paper towels.

Anyways, whenever she takes me over there, I'm usually asleep. But not this time. I was wired. Maybe it was the thought of Peter's iced coffee that got me going. So he finally got to hold me, and I enjoyed it (although it wasn't like when Daddy holds me).

But that's when Mommy freaked out.

"Peter, I'm so sorry. Do you smell that? I think he pooped! That's disgusting, Wyatt!"

Then Peter took a deep breath in, thought about it and said, "No, that's not him. That's just the egg I'm microwaving."

Thanks, Mommy. My butt smells like a microwaved egg. Nice.

But if that is a request...

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