Saturday, November 08, 2008

Role Model

This morning, I watched Mommy plant trees in the medium between my block and across the street. That means she got dirty. Lifted dirt from the ground. Placed tree into hole. Dumped dirt back in. Patted everything down to keep it secure. She did this for a good ninety minutes or so, all in the good name to help beautify the neighborhood.

Here's the thing: She didn't have to. The trees were gonna be planted whether she lifted a shovel or not. But she just felt inspired to volunteer time from her busy schedule towards helping out. In fact, she was looking forward towards doing it. But like I said, she didn't have to, and having a one-month-old in tow is a good excuse. However, that's not Mommy's way.

I get the feeling that my Mommy just likes doing good, no matter how it may inconvenience her.

And considering that Mommy makes up 50% of me, that makes me 100% proud to be her son.

Afterwards, we went up to Novato to hang out with the two people who made Mommy - Grampa and Gram. They just got back from San Diego. Even after a long drive, they still wanted to see me. So despite how tired they were, they still stayed awake just to have the opportunity to hold me, kiss me, hug me and make silly noises to me.

It's clear where Mommy gets her goodness from.

Hopefully, when I get older, people will say the same about me.

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