Thursday, December 11, 2008

Best Mommy Ever

Today was a day of many firsts for me.

To begin with, for the first time, I’ll be leaving San Francisco proper. The furthest I’d ever been was Petaluma, but now, it was time to go somewhere that a short car ride wouldn’t take us. So Mommy and Auntie Pua packed my bags and hustled me to the aiport, where we boarded a plane to San Diego.

It was my first time going through a metal detector. I came out clean.

It was my first time on a plane. I aced that.

It was my first takeoff and landing. I slept through that.

It was my first time visiting my cousins Katie and Buddha in their own house.

It was my first time going to the Fleetwood, which is my family’s bar/restaurant located right next to Petco Park.

And it was my first time that I was in a vehicle that didn’t have a base for my car seat. Mommy printed out the directions, and she tightened me up in the back seat using the seatbelts and what looked to be some sort of a pulley system. She was really anal about it.

Anyway, it was a good thing she was, because a couple of minutes later, I got into my first car accident. Some woman rear-ended us. Took us for a jolt. Did little damage to our rental, but still, the car took it.

Then again, that’s only what I heard what happened. I was sound asleep when it happened. I was so strapped in that I never knew what hit us. Mommy was upset for me, of course, but she failed to realize what an amazing job of protecting me she did before we even began to drive.

Thank you, Mommy, for doing that.

I love you so very much.

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