Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Big Boy

After five weeks of not seeing them, Grandpa and Grandma flew all the way from New York to spend another six days with me. Which means that, for the next 144 hours, I'll be continuously held, kissed and loved. I've been looking forward to that, actually.

What I wasn't expecting was the look of surprise on their faces when they saw me again.

"Oh my god, Wyatt! You got so big!"

Look, I've been through my growing pains, remember? I kept Mommy and Daddy up with my tribal yells. I kicked and punched and squirmed and cried. I didn't do that for my health. I did that for my height.

And I'm only, like, 22 inches tall. Any sort of growth is gonna be extreme.

So, of course I was too cute to leave alone, and when they picked me up and hugged me and smothered me with love, I dove right into heaven.

And all I kept thinking was, "Oh my god, Grandma and Grandpa! You look so small because now I'm bigger and everything is decreasing in size relative to me!"

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